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Welcome to Royal Mane!  My name is Jacqui and I know first-hand the stress that comes when trying to find high quality hair for my clients.  Some brands provide good quality one day and poor quality the next.   Even expensive brands have inconsistent quality with hair that looks and feels great at first but turns into a tangly dry mess after just a few months!    After years of painful experiences, I began my quest to develop THE most consistent hair extensions on the market.  And after much labor, Royal Mane's Royal Weft was born!  

What makes our Royal Wefts perfect every time?

  1. It starts with next-level due diligence.  We travel to our source countries and inspect every aspect of the process.  

  2. Naturally soft hair is ethically purchased from healthy young women in their 20's.  

  3. All hair is 100% same direction and cuticle intact WITHOUT artificial sealants of any kind.

  4. We NEVER mix hair from different women.  As a result each weft is exquisitely uniform in strength, texture and shine. 

  5. Shorter "baby" hairs are meticulously removed before wefts are created ensuring hair that is thick and luxurious from top to bottom!

  6. Gentle plant-based colorants used to dye hair slowly to vivid perfection

The Royal Weft by Royal Mane - Hair Worth Wearing!

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